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Adoption Journey: Beginning the Journey

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

April and I are excited, ready, and all in for getting our family here!

We had these pass-along cards created as another way to get the word out. Since we are doing the work to match with an expectant mom, we never know how or through whom we will become connected. Here is the front of our pass-along cards. Thanks to Kirsten M. for helping us design these beautiful cards.

Our family may not come how we expected, but we know we will love each of our children no matter how they come and are excited for our adventure getting them here.

As part of this journey we have decided to add another element, we call them "adoption-cations." These are short weekend trips where we drive to towns and cities within a few hours of us to hand out our pass-along cards and post our tear-off sheets in as many locations as we can. Before we head out on each trip, we choose the cities and try to maximize our time so we can hit as many as possible. We try to be brave by sharing with whoever we can that we are looking to adopt a baby or newborn.

We know these trips will be a lot of work, but we are also going to make each a memorable and fun experience! The entire intent of each trip is to spread the word and match with a mother who is wanting to put a baby up for adoption. We hope to encourage people to visit our site and spread the word. #adoption, #adoptionjourney

June and July "Adoption-cations"

  1. Richfield, Utah, and surrounding areas

  2. Pocatello, Idaho, and surrounding areas

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