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An apple a day...

A family tradition for April's family is visiting Apple Hill California in the fall. They have craft fairs, music, activities, and lots and lots of yummy food! The food includes donuts, apple cider, apples, apple dumplings, and of course the most enormous and yummy apple pies imaginable. The event is spread out among many apple orchards in a large geographic area.

This year we were able to go back to Apple Hill as a family after three years of not being able

to attend. It was so much fun to orchard hop, sample the apple cider, and eat some pie! We literally spent two days at the event and went to five different orchards. We also spent a few hours at Sutter's Mill in California, which is the place the goldrush started. We happen to drive through Sutter's Mill on our way to Apple Hill...AND they were having some type of anniversary celebration. It was cool to see some of reenactments of a miner's camp and town and learn the history.

It was so much fun to be with April's siblings, parents, and nieces and nephews!

This is an activity we will definitely take our kids to! This tradition will live on in our family.

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