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About April



A few things that rock my world

My husband, my faith, music (of all kinds), s'more's (both the campfire treat and the cereal), eating healthy/clean-ish (it's how we justify eating our afore-mentioned treats), telling "Dad" jokes, bubble baths, Sloopies (a favorite family recipe), the ocean, traveling by train, strawberry rhubarb pie, my nieces and nephews, great friends, playing jokes on David, stargazing on our back patio, traveling, the show, "This Is Us," the movie “Wonder Woman," traveling, our bunny Benedict, and family!

Nature, nurture, nature

I grew up in Reno, Nevada, 45 minutes from Lake Tahoe, one of my favorite places to visit. I also loved the desert charm of the sage and pine. In the second half of my life, I have lived in Utah, where I am in love with the mountains. John Muir put it perfectly, "The mountains are calling and I must go.Walking, hiking, biking, camping, and driving through the name it, I love it. It's been 110% nurturing for my soul and body. I believe a family that spends plenty of time outdoors and in nature is a happy, grounded family!

I believe kindness and generosity matter 

This is probably the most important thing I can share about myself. I'm not perfect at it, but I try very hard to see others clearly without rushing to judgment. I have a fierce belief that everyone is worthy of love and of being treated kindly and with respect.


Excel spreadsheets

It’s totally geeky, but I love to budget. I literally get excited about it. David and I keep a budget that we review monthly and it has helped us work on our financial goals. Spreadsheets are my sixth love language—I find ways to use them for as many things as I can. I also love legal/technical writing! For many years, I had the privilege of working part-time drafting many estate planning documents for a well-known law practice in California. It was such a great experience; I was given the flexibility to work remotely so it fit my music schedule.

I love to learn

Books are my favorite. I enjoy topics like psychology, building and creating healthy relationships, communication, health books, and books on creativity, innovation, music, and business. Needless to say, Audible is one of my top apps!

I got a minor in Marriage, Family, and Human Development

I enjoyed my minor a lot. I loved taking courses on relationships, marriage, and raising children. etc. I have always wanted to have a family, so learning about family dynamics and creating a healthy family is the most important thing in my life. It has been at the center of my heart and hopes, and I continually try to learn how to improve and be better in my relationships. 

“If I cannot fly, let me sing.” (Stephen Sondheim)

I am passionate about sharing love and creating—and I particularly love to do this through music.  This is part of what led me to move to Utah to pursue a degree in music at BYU. I got my Bachelor of Music, studying both Media Music Studies and Sound Recording Technology. I love having music for a career and the wonderful people it has brought into my life!

When I was a teenager I was terrified to sing in front of other people. I would sing in my room for hours, but I worried about messing up or not singing how I had hoped in public. I was worried I couldn’t do it perfectly. But I had an experience that clarified to me that God wanted me to share my voice, no matter how small, even if I didn't sing perfectly or messed up. He helped me realize my voice still counted. I have seen him honor that in my life. Ever since then, as I continue to work at being more courageous and vulnerable, I continue to grow vocally.

Music has led me to have conversations and experiences I will never forget. I really believe in the saying, “Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to act in the presence of fear.” Pursuing music can be scary at times, but it has always been worth it. I hope to inspire my children to be brave, even if it means making mistakes. 


Life is an adventure-ful gift

Some experiences that were deeply painful for me ended up being the ones that revealed to me some of the experiences and gifts I am the most grateful for. Life doesn’t always go as planned, but I believe I can adapt, grow, and find beauty and meaning in the unpredictability life often offers. Trying to do this continues to be an adventure for me.

I have loved working with kids for a long time

When I was young, I began babysitting for neighborhood kids and helping my mom out with my younger siblings. In my late teens, I was hired as an assistant teacher for a summer for a class of children with special needs. In my early twenties, I also organized and co-hosted a summer Korean exchange program for students and took them on field trips and adventures from Nevada to California. Later, I enjoyed teaching music lessons to children of all ages and volunteered and worked with kids. Children have been a part of my world for a long time, and ever since I was a little girl I looked forward to the day I had my own. 

My relationship with God

This is my most treasured gift and it's one I've worked for throughout my life. I can bring everything and anything in my heart to God, and I know He will always love me and care, no matter how messy life gets. He lovingly takes all my honest conversations and thoughts and walks with me through anything I go through. We've been through a lot together, and He is my absolute best friend.

My family 

My parents and step-parents are each deeply devoted to family, full of faith, tender, and loving in the most sincere and heartfelt ways; they continually offer me great examples of looking out for others and being great parents. They are what love-in-action looks like. They are also extremely supportive, and they have always encouraged me in whatever I was pursuing (including adoption). I feel fortunate to have such a special and close bond with each of them! 


I lucked out in the family department because all of my siblings and their spouses are really wonderful. They are remarkably capable, committed to family, and are good examples to me of many different qualities I admire and try to emulate. And they are also responsible for me having the cutest nieces and nephews on this planet, whom I could not adore more! Our entire extended family is just incredible, and on top of this, when I married into the GrandPre family, I gained another village of four amazing brothers and sister-in-law's who are pretty much the bee's knees! Best in-laws EVER. And their kids, well don't get me started...they had me at hello.


In addition, I have been blessed with some incredibly close friends who are also "family" to me. I'm grateful for their exceptional love, wisdom, and continual support. They are the kind of friends you never let go of. They add an additional wonderful layer of support to us and the children we hope to have.


What does David say about April?

"A number of years ago my best friend, and perfect complement, appeared on the deck of a battleship. I had little idea at the time just what an amazing woman I would be fortunate enough to later call my wife! I just love her many qualities and traits that make her the exceptional woman she is.

When I met April, I immediately noticed how she was a favorite among the nieces and nephews. I thought it was really cool how much the kids loved Aunt April! That favorite status quickly took hold with my family - everyone on my side, especially the kids, loved aunt April. As time has gone on, I have learned the "favorite" status doesn't stop with family. She has such a warm and caring spirit that those who get to know her just feel her love and can't help but feel instant friendship and affection for her. When I think of my wife, one of the words that come to mind is radiant. Not only because of her radiant beauty on the outside, but also because of her radiance from the inside. What an example of love she will be to our daughters and sons! 


April is both an accomplished woman and a highly informed one. She has unusual depth and she is continually hungry for knowledge and a voracious learner. Most every day I will find her listening to a book or reading one, or listening to the news. She has over 100 books in her Audible library, most of which she has read.  What an example she is of the importance of a growth mindset. She works so hard in her career, with family, and in her personal growth. When we run into problems, I know she will work with me to get them figured out! As a mother, I know she will work to help our children develop these same attributes because they are so important to her.

My wife is honestly the most charitable and Christlike person I know. She is a woman who cares deeply about others and wants to make sure they feel heard and respected. She is unusually good at seeing other perspectives and listening without judgment. Because of this, she has a rare ability to empathize with others. The coolest part is that she has an internal passion for these things, which means she will fight on others' behalves. She works hard to protect those who feel unheard or misrepresented. She is selfless and forgiving on a level that inspires me.

April truly is my Wonder Woman! She is strong and courageous in the face of life's challenges. When something causes her fear or anxiety, she tackles it head-on until it no longer causes her fear or anxiety. And if it still causes her fear, she pushes through it anyhow! I have been inspired by her grit. Before doing IVF, she would often get faint when having blood drawn. During the IVF process, she faced the fear head-on. By the time she was done, she had no problem with bloodwork or shots. When I think of someone who will always be a full partner in raising our family and dealing with the challenges that can come with children, there is no one better equipped for the job! With her as my partner, I know we will be successful parents. 


I know she wants more than anything to be a mother. I know God has inspired her to prepare for this role in many ways throughout her life. I also know that if there is anyone who can excel at raising children, it is her, and I am excited for the opportunity to be at her side throughout the journey."

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