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Our Family Culture

Our family culture includes five values that are not only important to both of us, but also are what we strive to live by in our lives. They include the following:

  • Growth mindset

  • Healthy/active living

  • Service

  • Gratitude

  • Education

Growth Mindset

We feel that it is important to maintain a growth mindset in life. This means being open to others' opinions and perspectives, meeting challenges as opportunities, and trying to change our views of how things should be done if a better way is presented. We want to instill a growth mindset in our children as much as possible, and feel it will better set them up for success in their lives.

Healthy and Active Living

Both of us have been health conscious throughout most of our lives, and especially since starting college. This includes clean and healthy eating, with the occasional treat - who doesn't want a treat now and then? It also includes staying active and working out regularly. We recently installed a small home gym so we could safely work out during COVID. We both love to cook, and try to keep the healthiest of ingredients in our foods.

















We believe strongly in serving others in our family and in our church and community. We try to do so as much as possible, and even have a category in our family budget to use in serving others. It brings us true joy. 


Living a grateful life is something we have worked on together as a couple. God has blessed us greatly, and we feel it is important to show him how appreciative we are. We hope to instill a attitude of gratitude in our children.


Learning and improvement is very important to our home culture. Both of us felt that attending college was an important part of our learning and plan to encourage our children to attend as much school as they feel they want to pursue. We recognize that school is just one method of learning. For some school may not be the chosen way to become educated, and that is ok. We will encourage whatever path of education they feel inspired to pursue. We want to instill the value of continued learning through reading, Audible, blogs, podcasts, news, and good discussion. All are important resources for education.

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