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About Me - April


Hi, I’m April! I want to introduce myself.

Probably the most important thing I could share about myself is that I genuinely love people. I have a deep belief that EVERYONE is worthy of love and being treated kindly and with respect. I tend to fight for the underdog and stick up for those who feel left out or without a voice. We never know another person’s path and what has shaped them–but it is beautiful and unique to them. I really believe in looking out for others and believe generosity matters. 

I LOVE to learn! Learning is exciting to me and I am a reading junkie! I especially love to read books on relationships and psychology, health and fitness, and self-development. I listen to all kinds of Audible books and I am particularly drawn to topics like psychology, building and creating healthy relationships, communication, health books, and books on creativity, innovation, music, and business. At the moment, I have 104 books in my Audible library (94 of which I have read). I am a big believer that knowledge = power. 

Nature, nature, nature! I loved growing up in Reno, Nevada. I lived near Lake Tahoe which I loved to visit and it was thrilling to raft down the Truckee river. The sun, sage, pine, and colorful sunsets had a sort of desert charm that I loved. I have always been drawn to the canyon, the ocean, and anywhere with natural beauty. I feel centered and grounded in nature. Walking, hiking, biking, camping, and driving through the canyon has brought me a lot of peace and clarity over the years. It is nurturing for the soul and body. I believe a family that spends plenty of time outdoors and in nature is a grounded, happy family! I wrote the song below about what I continue to learn from God through nature. 

Excel spreadsheets. It’s totally geeky, but I love to budget. I literally get excited about it. David and I have kept a really solid budget that we review monthly and it has helped us work on our financial goals. We are very financially stable and have been blessed with a terrific and dependable income. We live in a beautiful home in Eagle Mountain, UT which we love! I really believe in being a wise financial steward – that money can help accomplish important goals, desires, and even dreams (like traveling which David and I both LOVE). Fortunately, both David and I are great with managing our money and have similar financial values when it comes to spending. 

“If I cannot fly, let me sing.” (Stephen Sondheim). I think one of the things that drives me the most is feeling fulfilled and passionate in sharing love and creating beauty—and I particularly love to do this through music.  This is part of what led me to move to Provo, UT to pursue a degree in music at BYU. I  got my Bachelor of Music in Commercial Music as well as Sound Recording Technology because I loved the classes in both degrees so much; I couldn’t decide which major to finish, so I finished both! 

I got a minor in Marriage, Family and Human Development. I loved taking courses on relationships, marriage and raising children. etc.  Since I have always wanted to have a family, learning about family dynamics and creating a healthy family is the most important thing in my life. It has been at the center of my heart and hopes and I have continually tried to learn what I could to improve my relationships. I almost pursued a master’s degree in it. I already was finishing two degrees so I figured I could continue my learning in those areas on my own after I graduated. 

“Sometimes music is the only medicine the heart and soul need.” (Lori Deschene)

Music has that rare ability to speak straight to the heart, and that is what drew me to it. It has also helped me better understand myself and others. I think that the experiences I have had through writing and recording music have helped me to feel empathy and connection with others and will help me better understand and connect with my children.

When I was a teenager I was terrified to sing in front of other people. I would sing in my room for hours, but I worried about messing up or not singing how I had hoped in public. I was worried I couldn’t do it perfectly. But I had a personal experience that impressed upon my heart that God wanted me to share my voice, no matter how imperfect, and He could use that. I have seen him honor that in my life. As I worked at being courageous and vulnerable, I grew vocally, developed more singing ability and began to record music I wrote as well as music others had written that I was able to be a voice for. 

Pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone allowed me to pursue a music career that has been fulfilling and meaningful – and FUN. I have had the great opportunity to perform throughout the United States and have met many beautiful people in the process – some of whom to this day I have long-standing friendships with. Music has led me to have conversations I will never forget, and I have watched divinely guided opportunities occur that I could never have imagined. I will help my children see that it’s worth trying challenging things even if it’s hard. I really believe in the saying, “Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to act in the presence of fear.” Pursuing music was scary (and often still is), but has always been worth it. I hope to inspire my children to be brave, even if it means making mistakes.

Life is an adventure. It’s true that life is not always one straight smooth path, but often made up of experiences that test our strength and resilience. Some experiences that were deeply painful for me showed me just how strong and courageous I could be – showed me just what I was made of. Life is truly an adventure. All of it. I recently spoke at a conference for women. I decided to title my message: “When Life Takes an Unexpected Twist: Being Brave, Flexible, and Inspired,” because that is so much of what I am learning to do in my own life. I hope to help my children know that it’s ok that life doesn’t always go as planned. We can adapt, grow, and find beauty and meaning in the unpredictability life often offers. 

Finding my AMAZING husband took a long time and the road having children has not been a straight path. I believe each of our paths are beautiful and can be inspired – no matter how winding or unexpected. I can choose to create beauty from whatever my situation may be or whatever challenges I face. It is something I hope to instill within each of my children. When my daughter is struggling with fears or challenges at school and with friends, I want to remind her, that even when things don’t go as planned, it doesn’t mean life can’t be beautiful, and we can be inspired to make hard decisions and listen to our hearts and minds in all our decisions. God loves us every step of the way and can help remind us just who we really ARE and what we are made of. He has done that for me at hard times in my life. If you end up deciding to give me the great honor of raising your child, she would always know and be taught this. 

I resonate a lot with the movie “Wonder Woman” because I think, as women, we are each uniquely powerful and strong. Sometimes being strong means holding on, but often it also means letting go. At times letting go in my own journey has been excruciating—nearly unbearable—but it also opened doors and paved the way for beautiful things to occur in my life. Letting go ended up being the right choice for me at times. 

I want you to know that should you give me the greatest gift of raising your daughter, she would know that the mother who gave her life exercised the greatest love and courage in the difficult choice to give her to me to raise and love as my own.  Your little girl would ALWAYS know she was loved by both of us—that she was loved enough to be carried from God’s arms to your arms to mine. And she would be the sweetest hope and miracle for my husband and me!

I have loved working with kids for many years. This has included babysitting for neighborhood kids (starting at age 9!) and helping my mom out with my younger siblings. I was hired as an assistant teacher for a summer for a class of children with special needs. I also organized and co-hosted a summer Korean exchange program for students and took them on field trips and adventures from Nevada to California. While in college, I enjoyed teaching music lessons to kids of all ages and volunteered and worked with kids when I was in high school. Kids have been a part of my world for a long time, and ever since I was a little girl playing with dolls, I imagined and looked forward to the day I had my own.

I had a special experience of being asked to record a few adoption songs when I was in my early twenties. At the time, I didn’t know that I would eventually be looking to adopt, but I had been asked to be the voice for a woman who was making the hard choice to give her child up for adoption – the song was a conversation with/prayer to God. It is such a sacred song to me (“Again”) -- it was co-written by the girl giving up her baby.

I was also asked to be a voice for two different couples who were receiving a child through adoption (“The Gift We Could Not Give Each Other”). That moving experience penetrated my heart in a way I had not expected. 

I always put my heart into every recording I do and try to give my all. Even though I was young and single, when I was recording this song for these parents who were receiving a miracle baby from a brave young mother, I really connected with the lyrics and felt a deep impression that someday I would have my own personal experiences with adopting a child at some point down the road. The words I was singing became real to me– as though I were that parent thanking a courageous woman for giving us that unparalleled gift that only she could give (one that we could not give each other). It was a moving experience, and all of these years I wondered when, how, and if it really would become part of my own journey. 

Fast forward to the last couple of years: one evening, I played the song for David and I just sobbed all the way through it. I thought about our own situation and the hopes we have to have our own little ones. It hit so close to home all these years later, just as I had felt it would someday be part of my story. 

I want you to know that when Letty reached out to me and I learned about you, I felt a deep excitement and hope that I have not ever felt. I felt a deep spark. While I sincerely hope you consider us, I know you will make whatever choice is best for you and your daughter. I want you to know that should you feel peace about choosing us, we will love her FOREVER. Having her in our world would be an answer to our prayers and mean more than I can possibly express. 

A few weeks ago my mom drove out from Reno to visit me. I had asked her to bring my dolls that I have hopes of passing on to my own girl. I carefully cleaned each of them up a little from having been in the attic and put them back in the little treasure chest. I have dreamed for so long of having a little girl to give these dolls and other special keepsakes to. Since I knew I would not physically be able to have her myself, I have prayed for the woman who would bring her into our family to cherish. 



What does David say about his April...

Just over 6 years ago my best friend and perfect compliment appeared on the deck of a ship. I had little idea at the time just what an amazing woman I would be fortunate enough to call my wife several years later! I just love her many qualities and traits that make her the exceptional woman she is.

When I met April, I noticed how she was a favorite among the nieces and nephews. I thought it was really cool how much the kids loved aunt April! That favorite status quickly took hold with my family - everyone on my side, especially the kids, loved aunt April. As time has gone on, I have learned the "favorite" status doesn't stop with family. She has such a warm and caring spirit that those who get to know her just feel her love and can't help but feel instant friendship and affection for her. When I think of my wife, one of the words that comes to mind is radiant. Not only because of her radiant beauty on the outside, but also because of her radiance from the inside. What an example of love she will be to our daughters and sons! 


April is both an accomplished woman and a highly informed one. She is continually hungry for knowledge and a voracious learner. Most every day I will find her listening to a book or reading one, or listening to the news. What an example she is of the importance of a growth mindset. When we run into problems I know she will work with me to get them figured out! As a mother, I know she will work to help our children develop these same attributes because they are so important to her.

My wife is a woman who cares deeply about others and wants to make sure they feel heard and respected. She is very good at seeing other perspectives and listening without judgement. Because of this, she has a rare ability to empathize with others. She is honestly the most charitable person I know. The coolest part is that she has a passion for these things, which means she will fight on others behalf. She truly does work to protect the those who feel unheard or misrepresented.

April truly is my Wonder Woman! She is strong and courageous in the face of life's challenges. When something causes her fear or anxiety, she tackles it head-on until it no longer causes her fear or anxiety. And if if still causes her fear, she pushes through it anyhow! I have been inspired by her grit. When I think of someone who will always be a full partner in raising our family and dealing with the challenges that can come with children, there is no one better equipped for the job! With her as my partner, I know we will be successful parents. 


I know she wants more than anything to be a mother. I know God has inspired her to prepare for this role in many ways throughout her life. I also know that if there is anyone who can excel at raising children, it is her, and I am excited for the opportunity to be at her side through the journey.

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