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April & David

Aspiring Parents

Dear Expectant Friend
Our Love Story

Dear Friend...

Hi, we are April and Dave. We want to thank you for taking time to learn about our family. We know what a courageous decision you are making to allow your child to become the center and light of another family's home. We know you have some important and difficult decisions ahead to make for your child - we deeply admire your strength and love. We hope we can become part of you and your child's important journey by providing a safe and loving home where family is most important and joyful adventures are a top priority.

We prefer an open adoption but respect your decisions and will support an arrangement you feel comfortable with should you choose to place your child with us. We hope through what we have written and shared on this site you are able to feel our genuine desire to help you accomplish your goal of providing the best life possible for your child. We look forward to getting to know you through this process.

Please know that if you feel up to it we are happy to travel out to where you live once per year so you can visit with your daughter. We would always be happy to have you come visit in Utah when you feel like coming out. Facetime, texts, and phone calls are also an option depending on your comfort level.

Our love story
It began over six years ago when we met each other at a dance on the deck of a battleship in Huntington Beach, CA. It was a brief meeting that left a lasting impression. From that time forward we could feel God's hand in our lives and as our paths crossed they eventually converged into one. Several years after meeting each other for that brief dance, we were married. We both waited a long time to find love, and we have been blessed that our love story has felt like a storybook once we found it with each other.  


We deeply love each other and feel fortunate to have a high degree of emotional intimacy in our marriage. We love to talk to one another even if it keeps us up late into the night, and we are particularly fond of cuddling. We honestly feel like we are able to disagree well: we listen to each other and try to be respectful of each other's view points, even if they differ from our own. Trust is the top building block of our marriage. We find joy in living life with each other even in the smallest details and we are truly best friends. In addition to the serious side of life, we absolutely love flirting with each other and we laugh a LOT. However, we don't believe in using sarcasm or humor to belittle or make fun of the other person. This song is one April recorded that is very special to us; it embodies our feelings for each other and our life together.

We don't currently have any children (all kids in pictures on our blog are nieces, nephews, and siblings), but we do have a much loved third member of our family. Benedict Cumberpatch is our cute and cuddly little bunny rabbit! We have had him for several years. He loves to be held and eating apples.

Why are we looking to adopt?

We have been blessed with many experiences over the years that we feel have helped prepare us to fulfill our deepest hearts desire to be parents. More than we can possibly express We have yearned and prayed for a baby girl to cherish. Its important to us that our baby girl have siblings, and we want and plan to have three to four children. Since we have been unable to have children of our own thus far, we are hoping to be the heart and home for someone else's child.

*April had a special experience years ago recording a few songs relating to adoption that became very personal to her. The story of her experience, thoughts, and two of the songs are included on her page (About April) toward the bottom of the page.

What's important to us

What is important to us can be summarized in three words: faith, family, fun! 

Our faith in God and our Savior is extremely important to us. We each have our own personal relationship with our Father in Heaven that is very meaningful and significant to us. It is something we have worked on and worked for our entire lives. We believe the best way we can show God we love Him is to love and care for others. Learning to love, accept, forgive, and not judge others are bedrock values in our home. We have found beauty and strength in following the principles the Savior taught: particularly to love and respect others, God, and ourselves.


We hope to instill in our children a desire to be curious about life and spirituality and we will work to give them the opportunity to develop their own relationship with Him, however that looks, since it will be different for each child. We feel it is important that they have the freedom to choose what they believe for themselves.























Family has always been a focal point for each of us.


April grew up in a family of six children, she being the second oldest girl. Dinner conversations were hilarious and often passionate. It was important for them to spend time together and support each other. Their family love and support continues even today and they are interconnected in each others lives.

David grew up with four rowdy brothers who loved each other a great deal despite being boys in every sense of the word. He lost his mother early in life to cancer, and the family continued to work to support each other after that loss. Dave's father was always a great example of how to treat his wife and work hard for his family. He was also a good example of serving as he spent over 40 years serving as a Peace Officer in law enforcement.

It has always been important for us to have adventures and find the joy in life wherever possible. We make it a priority to travel. We believe seeing other places and ways of life help to broaden our understanding of the world and those around us. It also helps us appreciate the opportunities and freedoms we have living here in our own part of the world - Eagle Mountain, Utah, USA. We want our kids to be able to experience the world through travel and gain appreciation for other cultures and ways of life. This is very important to us and will be a priority for our family.

We are a very financially stable couple and will have no problems taking care of your daughter. Dave is the Director of the Product Department of a medical imaging software company, and April is a very accomplished Singer/Songwriter. We are both very much looking forward to children, and have already been adjusting our routines to accommodate our sweet little ones. We are anxious and excited to welcome them into a warm home environment conducive to growth, happiness, and full of love. We plan to be able to give them a foundation for life that will help set them up for success.

Thank you so much for considering us. We hope you take a moment to look at the rest of our profile, it would mean so much to us.

Warmest thanks,

April and David

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