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April & David

Aspiring Parents

Dear Friend
Our Love Story

Dear Friend...

Hi, we are April and Dave! Thank you for taking time to learn about our family. We met on the deck of a battleship in Huntington Beach California, no joke (picture of the actual dance below on the right). It was not love at first sight, but it definitely was an unforgettable meeting.

April's take on meeting David: “David was tall, handsome, and looked intelligent so I REALLY wanted him to ask me to dance! I was so glad he did. We ended up later dating and really took time to get to know one another. He is my best friend and we have a ridiculous amount of fun together!”

David's take  on meeting April: “I was determined to get to know this very beautiful girl who stood out above everyone else. We danced one dance that night, and she vanished without me knowing anything more than her first name. We ended up crossing paths over a year later at another conference, and from that point forward I was in full pursuit. Such wonderful memories!” 


We had the HAPPIEST wedding day. From that day until now our greatest desire, our sweetest hope, has been to add children to our family. We look forward to providing our kids a safe and loving home where family is most important and adventures are a top priority.

We both love to be outdoors. Hiking, biking, and particularly canyoneering are some of our most loved outdoor adventures. We both also love to kayak and sit in the patio garden we created last year. It has become our European garden escape! It is simple and not too big, but it is so relaxing and gives us the feeling of being in Europe. 

Travel is important to us. We have had the opportunity to travel abroad for both touristy travel as well as for service opportunities throughout our lives. We plan to continue traveling with our kids and want them to experience as many cultures and people as they can. Doing this has made a huge impact on our lives and we hope it will do the same for them. Oh, and did we mention we are huge Disneyland and Haunted House fans? April loves the TV shows "This is Us" and Downton Abbey. David loves Star naturally, we celebrate "May the 4th (be with you)!" Our travel plans with kids will of course include the Magic Kingdom!


Working out and staying healthy is a priority to both of us. It has been so for many years. This includes having more healthy meals in our home, although we do also love our occasional treats. We plan to continue this when we have children. We feel it is important to give them a healthy foundation for life, as much as possible.


God is an important part of our lives. We are Christian and do our best to live His teachings. This means service in our local ward congregation and prayer and scripture study in our home. We plan to teach the importance of spirituality and our Savior’s role in life to our kids, although we also know the importance of letting them make their own decisions on belief and spirituality as they grow up. We will foster an environment that will allow them to have their own spiritual journey and ultimately make their own choices.


April loves being a singer-songwriter and studio vocalist! She has recorded many songs, both of her own and covers of other songs. [David] “April wrote a song for me for our wedding, and it is one of my prized treasures.” She plans to continue recording as long as she is able. [April] “Music is all about connection and that is part of why I love it so much.” She is also a news and research junky and will often listen to different news stations throughout the day. And come election time, you will find her glued to the TV throughout the night following the results. [Dave] “It is so cute and endearing to walk downstairs to grab a drink and see her glued to the election results on the TV.” Education has always been important to April. She loved school growing up and excelled at it. She graduated with two bachelor's degrees in music--one in Media Music Studies and one in Sound Recording Technology and minored in Marriage, Family, and Human Development. Her hobbies consist of reading, listening to audible (she has over 100 books in her library), learning all she can about subjects she is interested in, hosting, doing our budgets, organizing, and interior design. [April] “But let’s be favorite hobby is spending time doing pretty much anything with my wicked-awesome husband!”

20181207_212440 (1).jpg

Dave works for a technology company that creates cutting edge medical imaging products. These products help patients get better treatment in hospitals. He loves his job, and the impact it has on people at their greatest times of need. Education is also important to Dave. He wasn’t as good a student as April growing up, but he worked hard and was able to graduate and be successful. He has a bachelor's degree and a Masters in Business Administration. His hobbies include building stuff, working in the yard, drawing, and listening to music...[Dave] "especially anything April performs." He loves cooking up anything in the kitchen and regularly makes up new recipes. [April] “David can cook and grill like nobody’s business.”


We hope to instill the importance of education in our children. We believe it is the gateway to opportunity. We know that education doesn’t always mean degrees or college, but that learning can come through many ways. We just want our kids to see the value of learning in their own lives.


We currently have one child in our family, he is a Netherland Dwarf rabbit named Benedict Cumberpatch. He is named after the actor that played Sherlock. He is such a cute and cuddly rabbit, and loves to be around people. He will actually sit on a chair for hours just watching us work, and we love him being part of our family!


We live in a modest 3 bedroom 2.5 bath home with plenty of room to expand into the unfinished basement when needed. Our neighborhood is very safe and more multicultural than many areas in Utah. It is not uncommon to find bikes and toys left out in yards or even in the cul de sacs. Mostly young families with really young children live here, so a new baby will have lots of playmates. We have two parks within five minutes of our house, and the elementary school is a seven minute walk from where we live. In addition, we border an area frequented by antelope, geese, cranes, and other wildlife, and we have a spectacular view of a lake and mountains...honestly it feels very surreal much of the time. The pictures below show our house when it was being built a few years back, our kitchen complete with two of our nieces, and we literally have deer and antelope play in the field adjacent to our house.


We have been blessed with many experiences over the years that we feel have helped prepare us to fulfill our deepest heart's desire to be parents. More than we can possibly express, we have yearned and prayed for a baby to cherish. We want our children to have siblings and we are hoping for both girls and boys. We are hoping to be the heart and home for someone else's child.


​We prefer an open adoption but respect your decisions and will support an arrangement you feel comfortable with should you choose to consider place your child with us. We hope that through this brief introduction you were able get a small feel who we are and what we love. We hope your child can be part of our "happily ever after" and us part of theirs.

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