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April & David

Aspiring Parents

Dear Friend...

Hi, we are April and Dave! Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. We'd love to meet you!

Here's a little more about us and our story...

How We Met...

We met on the deck of a battleship in Huntington Beach California, no joke (picture of the actual dance in the slideshow). It was an unforgettable meeting!


April's take on meeting David: “David was tall, handsome, and looked very intelligent (I'm a fan of glasses, which he sported well) so I really hoped he would ask me to dance. I am so glad he did! Later on, we ended up dating and were able to take time to really get to know one another. Like the sweetest kind of "slow burn," he fully stole my heart. He's the real deal. Now he is my best partner-in-crime and we have a ridiculous amount of fun together! He's my total heartthrob hubby.”


David's take on meeting April: “I have such wonderful memories of our courtship. I was determined to get to know this very beautiful girl who seemed to stand out from everyone else. We danced one dance that night, and she vanished without me knowing anything more than her first name. I was so disappointed and looked for her the rest of the night! We ended up crossing paths over a year later at another conference, and from that point forward I was in full pursuit. Capturing her unparalleled and radiant heart has been [and is] the greatest joy of my life."

Our Family Begins...

We had the HAPPIEST wedding day. We didn't even notice that the clear cups delivered for our reception ended up being accidentally swapped for ones featuring the logo of a prominent home security company (which made it look like they sponsored our wedding)...OR that our cute nieces were selling pieces of rolled-up leftover luncheon cookies to people waiting in line to greet us (trying to earn money for a wedding gift for us) ;) The day was like a dream and we loved having family and friends by our side!


Forever until now our greatest desire, our sweetest hope, has been to add children to our family. We look forward to providing our kids a safe and loving home where family is most important, every family member is encouraged to blossom and grow, and adventures are a top priority.

What We Love...

We both love to be outdoors. Hiking, biking, and particularly canyoneering are some of our most loved outdoor adventures. We both also like to kayak and sit in the patio garden we created last year. It has become our European garden escape! It is simple and not too big, but it is oh so relaxing and gives us the feeling of being in Europe. 


Travel is very important to us. We have both had the opportunity to travel abroad a bit for both touristy travels, for work, as well as for service opportunities throughout our lives. We plan to continue traveling with our kids and want them to experience as many cultures and people as they can. Doing this has made a huge impact on our lives and we hope it will do the same for them.


Oh, and did we mention we are huge Disneyland and Haunted House fans? April loves the TV shows "This is Us" and Downton Abbey. David loves Star naturally, we celebrate "May the 4th (be with you)!" Our travel plans with kids will, of course, include the Magic Kingdom!

What's Important to Us...

Working out and staying healthy has always been a priority for both of us. This includes having healthy meals in our home (we do also love our occasional treats... ahem, balance in all things)! We plan to continue this when we have children. We feel it is important to give them a healthy foundation for life, as much as possible, and encourage them to be active in what they love.

We hope to instill the importance of education in our children. We believe it is the gateway to opportunity. We know that education doesn’t always mean degrees or college, but that learning can come in many ways. We just want our kids to see the value of learning in their own lives and have opportunities to learn and grow.


God is an important part of our lives. We are Christian and do our best to live His teachings. This means service in our local ward congregation and prayer and scripture study in our home. We plan to teach the importance of spirituality and our Savior’s role in life to our kids, although we also know the importance of letting them make their own decisions on belief and spirituality as they grow up. We want them to know we love them NO MATTER WHAT as they refine and discover their own voice and divine instincts on their individual paths.

Something About April...

April loves being a singer-songwriter and studio vocalist. She graduated from BYU in Media Music Studies and Sound Recording Technology and minored in Marriage, Family, and Human Development.

Since then she has enjoyed touring with her music and loves the challenge of recording in many different genres (and even in a few languages)! April loves that music has the power to create meaningful connections with other people.

April is also a news and research junky and she will often listen to different news outlets or educational podcasts throughout the day. And watch out, come election time you will find her glued to the TV throughout the night following the results! Or for days...

Her hobbies consist of reading, nature-ing, traveling (especially by train), listening to audible, cooking and eating different kinds of food, learning all she can about subjects she is interested in, doing our budgets, cooking, organizing (yes that's a legit hobby!), teasing Dave, and amateur interior design.  One of her favorite memories was surprising David on their wedding day with a song she had written for him about their love story.